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Gloucester at a Glance

Population: 28,789
(2010 U.S. Census)

Area: 41.5 square miles of which 26 square miles is land (see map).

25 miles of coastline


America's Oldest working seaport with 2,600 feet of dock space

First real-time Internet seafood auction in the USA

Oldest working art colony in North America.

Highly motivated, well educated workforce with excellent work ethic


Protected harbor with Breakwater, State Fish Pier and Homeland Security licensed marine terminal

Direct access to major highways

Only 35 miles from Boston & 250 miles from New York City (directions)

40 minute drive from Boston's Logan International Airport

Affordable office space with plenty of room to expand (search for properties)

Direct commuter rail service between Gloucester and Boston

Convenient, affordable shipping via road, rail and sea


Close to world class medical care, colleges & universities

Official Designated Port focused on Harbor Development

Official Green Community

Official Preserve America Community

Robust Community Development Department

Free Wi-Fi (see map)


Attractive housing at reasonable prices

Hundreds of family owned businesses with a deep sense of belonging to the community

19 area beaches

Whale Watching capital of the world

Dozens of galleries, studios, museums and historical sites

Over 120 restaurants

Vibrant music, theater & arts scene

Welcome to Gloucester from Mayor Carolyn Kirk

Carolyn Kirk, Mayor of Gloucester
Carolyn A. Kirk
Mayor of Gloucester

It's a great time to live and work in Gloucester. Local family-owned businesses, national brands, life-long residents and newcomers alike all have increased confidence in Gloucester's bright future (see some examples here).

Perhaps it's because we recently stabilized our City finances and infrastructure, have solid economic development plans in place and are poised for significant growth. Perhaps it's because the state of Massachusetts is making substantial investments in Gloucester with millions of dollars earmarked for revitalizing our downtown and working waterfront.

Or perhaps it's because Gloucester offers an outstanding quality of life. What ever your reasons for coming to Gloucester, Welcome! Contact my office. I'd be delighted to meet you, hear your stories and share my confidence in our future together.

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Come to Gloucester and Thrive

Samuel de Champlain got it right when he labeled Gloucester le beau port (the Beautiful Port) on a map he drew in 1606.

For 400 years, Gloucester's working waterfront has largely defined what author Mark Kurlanski calls "America's Oldest Fishing Port and Most Original Town."

Today, Gloucester's diverse port is home to fishermen, families, 2,600 feet of dock space, hundreds of family owned businesses, marine industry, manufacturing, cruise ship port calls, the first real-time Internet seafood auction in the USA and the oldest working art colony in North America.

Why do people locate their businesses in Gloucester? The harbor, the beauty, convenience, opportunity, financial incentives, excellent work ethic, community support, quality of life, and more. Here's what some business owners say:

This is the perfect place for a startup.
Dr. Curtis Wright, Rock Creek Pharmaceuticals
Gloucester has everything we need to succeed.
Sheree DeLorenzo, Cruiseport Gloucester
Gloucester is a great place to live, work and raise children.
Ann Molloy, Neptune's Harvest
As the economy begins to turn around we're poised for greatness.
Scott Memhard, Cape Pond Ice

Financial Incentives

From Tax Increment Financing to several development funds available from the City, State and private organizations (see side bar links at top-right) Gloucester offers economic incentives that make sound business sense. See a case study here and a press release announcing a recent $2 million grant here.

Click here to see real-life examples of businesses that have found financial success in Gloucester.


Gloucester enjoys direct access to major highways (map - directions), rail lines and, of course, the Atlantic ocean (see port parameters). If your business ships product out of Gloucester, you can negotiate very favorable shipping rates (learn more).

Multiple economies ensure a vibrant community

Supporting fishing, maritime and visitor-based economies, Gloucester's working port and unique character offer a synergy of opportunities not available elsewhere. Times change and so do the strengths of various economies. Because Gloucester has a diversified economic base, it is not at the mercy of any one economy. See examples here.

Highly motivated, well educated work force

Ask any Gloucester business owner about the local work force and you'll likely get the same answer. Wonderful! The attractiveness of working in Gloucester, combined with easy access via train even draws qualified professionals on a reverse commute from the Boston Metro area.

Authentic seaport destination feeds multiple economies

In addition to fishing and maritime economies, Gloucester's authentic working seaport, ineffable beauty and 400+ year history (see some fascinating stories of Gloucester) support a vibrant community of people with a deep sense of belonging. Combined with over a dozen spectacular area beaches, scores of activities, natural attractions, galleries, studios, museums & historical sites, Gloucester is an exciting destination, attracting people the world over who—along with exceptionally loyal locals—support robust visitor and creative economies, including dozens of small hotels and inns, over 120 restaurants and the hottest music, theater & arts scene north of Boston.

Official Designated Port focused on Harbor Development

In 2009, the State of Massachusetts approved Gloucester's revised Harbor Plan and Designated Port Area Master Plan. This plan identifies a number of strategies that support our commercial fishing industry and encourage economic development on the harbor. These strategies aim to streamline regulatory review, stimulate investment, and improve economic conditions along the waterfront. This website is part of the implementation process designed to reach those goals.

Excellent Quality of Life

According to one Gloucester business owner, the fact that people are happy here has a measurable positive impact on his business (learn more). It's hard to put a price on beauty, but everyone knows that living in a beautiful pace improves the quality of your life. Gloucester has even more life affirming attributes: attractive housing at reasonable prices, extremely low crime rate, community pride & passion, to name a few.

We invite you to explore our community, experience the high quality of life we have to offer, search for properties that might interest you and -- above all -- ask for help. We are committed to giving you as much personal attention as you need to make your transition to Gloucester as smooth as possible -- just Contact us and we'll get you started.